czwartek, 9 czerwca 2016


Hello everyone !

Today I'm gonna show you my biggest love in healthy food - Smoothies, Cocktails and Fruit bowls .
It's very simple to prepare !
All you need is good blender and some fruits/vegetables - optional nuts, seeds, oats, coconut milk -everything you want to eat :)

Okay so this is my first proposition - POST-WORKOUT FRUIT BOWL :)


In blender
100 g light cottage cheese
200 g strawberries
4 spoons freeze-dry banana powder
4 spoons freeze-dry papaya ( you can use fresh , but sometimes it's hard to find and I'm a biggest fan of lyophilized and freeze-drying fruits/vegetables )
*optional - 2 spoons protein powder

On top :
few fresh strawberries
1 fresh kiwi
2 tsp chia seeds
freeze-dry banana powder
few black currants
You can use other products :)

Blend all ingredients and sprinkle the top fresh fruits/seeds/nuts etc.

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